Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu, a.k.a Pastor Elaine Lloyd-Nazario, a.k.a. “The Renegade Wise Woman,” is a cultural educator, African Khametic  scholar, lecturer, career artist, multimedia producer, arts administrator,  and yogini. She presents cultural workshops, performances, and lectures at colleges, libraries, theaters, and corporations. Her credits include:

Solo performing vocalist/musician, 1975; Pageant winner, "Miss Black Fantasia 1976;" vocalist, instrumentalist (sax, flute, percussion), arranger on Billy Scott's VICTORY IN THE SPIRIT gospel album, 1978; soprano vocalist in gospel trio SHEKINAH, 1981; Tri-County Theater, THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG, WORKING, 1984; Liturgical dance choreographer for JOYFUL PRAISERS, 1991-94, and HARMONIC ESSENCE, 1992-95. Touring Storyteller/Vocalist/Musician (1990 to present); Dance/Theater Instructor at Warren County School of the Arts (1995); workshop presenter (theater, dance,  music), and adjudicator for NJ Teen Arts Festival throughout several counties (1990-2000); Co-Host/Producer of JUXTURES radio show on WDVR Public Radio (1994-97); Director, Choreographer, Producer, and Technical Advisor for I.E.M. (It Expresses Me) Black Theatre of Bethlehem, PA  (1995); Founder/Director of Allentown, PA-based  ZAWADI COLLECTIVE touring theater ensemble (1995 -2005); played “Charlayne” in A. Curtis Farrow’s East and West Coast tours of AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ (1997-99); Lead African Dancer and Lead Drummer for Ghanaian entertainer Maxwell Kofi Donkor  (1998); Board Member, Board President, Interim Executive Director of OPEN SPACE GALLERY of Allentown, PA (1998-2002); Arts Programming Director at the Easton, PA Boys & Girls Club (2001); Host/Producer of syndicated radio & TV show ASHE! (2003-10); Member of Philadelphia’s KEEPERS OF THE CULTURE Storytelling Guild (2003-05).


Dance and African Drumming Instructor for Philadelphia’s Point Breeze Performing Arts Center's summer and after school programs, and disabled youth program (2003-2004); Dance Instructor for Boys & Girls Club of Trenton, The Garvey Charter School of Trenton (Dance/Drumming/Public Speaking) and the City of Trenton's SCOOP after school program (all in 2005); African-themed Visual Art Therapist for NYC Department of Juvenile Justice on behalf of Afrikan Poetry Theatre of Queens (2007-2009); Drumming Instructor for Newark’s Ironbound Community Organization’s summer and after school programs (2014 to 2019); Drumming/Dance/Music Instructor for Montclair State’s Sonic Explorations after school program in Orange, NJ (2016 to 2019); Yoga instructor, City of Newark Recreation Department (2016-17); executive director and co-founder of the Newark Latino Film Festival (2018-19). Queen Mother and husband Ramon Nazario’s film project, “I’ve Got a Vision,” produced for fellow filmmaker Nancy Vazquez, was highlighted by director Ava DuVernay on February 2019’s special online edition of TIME Magazine. A respected poet and writer, Queen Mother Imakhu has emceed spoken word events in Philadelphia, PA and Newark, NJ. Queen Mother is founder of AKERU MultiMedia (2005), and Uhemu Black & Brown Storytellers of NJ (2019). Queen Mother Imakhu's newest compilation downloadable music/spoken word CD, "The Very Best So Far," was released on December 19, 2019. Her new documentary series, "The Wisdom Keepers," begins production in 2020. Her new one woman stage show, "The Water Brought Me Here," begins touring in 2020.

Spiritually, Queen Mother is a 1997 graduate of Metaphysical Universal Ministries seminary in Allentown, PA. She has been a Khametic faith practitioner since the 90’s. As high priestess and ordained minister, the Queen Mother title was conferred upon her in traditional African Khametic ceremony in 2005, and Sunut (Doctor, Scholar) in 2013 by her spiritual godfather, the late Grandmaster Kham of Shrine of Khpra in Brooklyn, NY. In 2006, Queen Mother was initiated into the Bantu Shona/Ndebele tradition as a nganga (water healer) by Michael Ortiz-Hill, and Baba Mandaza Kandemwa of Zimbabwe. She is founder of SHENU Khametic Living Waters Temple, her artist/activist ministry that teaches Ancient Egyptian spiritual and  motivational wisdom, and welcomes everyone in love and peace. 


As a scholar and author, she is known for her research connecting Elder Futhark runes to Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and for connecting the Ancient Egyptian language and symbols  to yoga origins. Queen Mother Imakhu has been immortalized in renown author Courtney Weber’s contemporary, photographic  oracle deck, TAROT OF THE BOROUGHS, where she depicts the Queen of Cups in six of the cards. Additionally, Queen Mother is creator of six different Khametic oracle systems. She commonly presents cross-correlative lectures analyzing the incorporation of African cultural themes in mainstream multimedia.  Queen Mother Imakhu has been an active member of the Newark Mayor’s Interfaith Clergy Alliance since 2018, and has worked with various Interfaith Clergy groups throughout the country, including Auburn Seminary in NYC. She most recently became a founding member of Interfaith Action Movement (IAM), a New Jersey coalition of clergy, faith leaders,  


Her newest book, KHESU DUAU MENI: Khametic Daily Prayers & Rituals, was released in late November 2019. While teaching the importance of maintaining cultural traditions, Queen Mother Imakhu is constantly breaking new ground by redefining practical new applications for today's world.

Queen Mother Imakhu's proud family lineage includes her maternal ancestor, Billy Artis, who fought in the Nat Turner Uprising, Her mother, the late Jean Lloyd-Mayfield, was first african America, Girl Scout leader in Kenilworth, NJ.  Queen Mother's father, the late Tommie J. Lloyd, was the first African American American accepted into the New Jersey Tool & Die Association, former South Carolinian Congressman George Washington Murray, former enslaved African who was the only African American Congressman serving during the 53rd and 54th congresses, and her living relative, her cousin James Clyburn, current South Carolina Congressman.