Be Like Water

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"May your life be as clear as the pure waters of Khenemu." - Ancient Egyptian Proverb


Water, like all of Nature, has many lessons for us to witness, understand, and absorb. In all of its beauty, forms, strength, and mystery, water is to be respected. The human body is comprised of seventy-five to 90 percent of water. Embracing water is vital to life.

After being ordained as a Healing Minister in 1997, an Interfaith Metaphysical Minister in 1999, a Khametic High Priestess and Queen Mother in 2004, Queen Mother Imakhu then continued her spiritual journey by becoming an initiated nganga (Bantu water healer and peacemaker) in 2006. Many said that her Piscean sun and Aquarius ascendant made it an expected calling. She has become an authority on water mysticism, especially in the Ancient Egyptian (Khametic) tradition.

Queen Mother (Reina Madre in Spanish), teaches the Khametic water mysteries in adult classes, enabling students to open their own divine mystery within in order to live in and radiate peace without. The path of the Water Priest/ess is one of peaceful bridge building. It is the healer who helps to restore energy flow to those who are stagnant. It is the innovator who creates new pathways to help advance society. It's also the nurturer, providing comfort and solace to the weary and discouraged. The Water Priest/ess is a Minister, allowing him/herself to be an effective vessel. Not surprisingly, most who are called to this path are also artists. (Queen Mother has been a professional performing/visual/literary artist since age fifteen.) It is also the path of the yogic mystic, who masters and teaches harmonic flow in the body, mind, spirit, soul, and heart.

As Queen Mother Imakhu sings in her song about the pure heart, "Stay true to the goodness in you. Always remember who you are in your heart..."

As an advocate for water awareness, Queen Mother Imakhu routinely shares information about the current states of water in communities around the world. We are in a time of great crisis, facing water pollution, compromised drinking and bathing water, global warming melting ice and snow at unnaturally rapid rates and causing evaporating landscapes... the water is crying out. When water is in crisis, the planet and every species supported be water is in crisis. Queen Mother Imakhu continues her mission to educate the public through social media and public appearances about our collective responsibility to be aware and be the difference. Respect water. Respect yourself.