AKERU MultiMedia

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AKERU MultiMedia, founded and directed by Queen Mother Imakhu (Pastor Elaine Lloyd-Nazario), has produced cultural, educational, and motivational programs, workshops, and literature since 2004. "Enlightenment through Education." 

Queen Mother Imakhu has the distinction of being the first Black woman to create and run her own 24/7 Black Consciousness radio station, AKERU NuAfrakan Network. She is also founder/director of UHEMU Black and Brown Storytellers, and is co-founder of Newark Latino Film Festival and Newark Latino Artist Collective. Her live video events included the popular weekly "Transformation Tag Team." She has produced syndicated podcasts, "Nubia Goddess Rising" and "Renegade Wise Woman," and live performance stage events including, "Cultures Across the City," and Newark Latino Fashion Show. November 2020 will see her return to syndicated TV programming, and her new mainstream station, SHENU Harmonious Living Network. "The Wisdom Keepers" documentary series is in pre-production.


Dedicated to producing cultural excellence and public edutainment.

Call Queen Mother Imakhu at 646-228-1185 for more info.