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Queen Mother Imakhu

"Teaching Love of Culture and Self through Art, Yoga & Education"

"Love Yourself, Love Our World. Flow in Love, Joy & Success"

- Queen Mother Imakhu


Pastor Elaine Lloyd-Nazario, known to the world as 

Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu, has enjoyed a well-rounded, forty-plus year career as an artist, activist, cultural educator, lecturer and motivational speaker.  In spite of living with the challenges of epilepsy, chronic asthma, Asperger's Syndrome, and domestic violence,  Rev. Queen Mother Imakhu MuNeferet has lived an inspiring life of overcoming and achievement.

     Born in Elizabeth, NJ, raised in Kenilworth, Queen Mother Imakhu is proud a Newark resident. Her South Carolinian father,

Tommie Lloyd, the first African American accepted into the New Jersey Tool and Die Association in 1971, had his mold polishing business in Newark, NJ for twenty-five years. Her North Carolinian mother, Jean Whitley Lloyd Mayfield, became the first Black Girl Scout leader in Kenilworth, NJ at a time when crosses were still being burned in the town. Her maternal grandparents,

Walter A. Whitley and Selma Inez Simmons Whitley, rose from being southern sharecroppers to becoming respected business people and property owners in New Jersey. Queen Mother's maternal ancestor, Billy Artis, fought in the Nat Turner Uprising. Coming from risk-taking trailblazers, Queen Mother Imakhu could only follow by example. 

     Proud mother to two adult daughters. Graduate of Metaphysical Universal Ministries Seminary. Ordained Shenu Khametic minister, enstooled Queen Mother, scholar, and certified yoga instructor. Former columnist/reporter for FIRST WORLD NEWS Black newspaper. Former founder/director of and playwright for

The Zawadi Collective theater ensemble of Lehigh Valley, PA.

Former Board President and interim executive director of Open Space Gallery of Allentown, PA. Currently, active member of the Newark Interfaith Alliance, Interfaith Action Movement, Association for Studies in Classical African Civilizations, the National Black Elder Council, National Association of Black Storytellers, African Diaspora for Justice, Latino Action Network, and People's Organization for Progress. Queen Mother also participates in Interfaith clergy events at NYC's Auburn Seminary. 


     She is founder of AKERU MultiMedia, SHENU Khametic Ashram Online, SHENU Harmonious Living Institute, and UHEMU Black & Brown Storytellers. Her daily research in Ancient Khametic history, culture, spirituality has advanced the faith practices of modern-day Khamites. She received death threats from the Euro-Pagan community after citing the African origins of traditions previously believed to be Euro-centered. However, Queen Mother's universal, down-to-earth, motivational approach to sharing Khametic culture has won her global followers of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. She shares these teachings on weekly internet Khametic Sabbath services. 

    Over the years, Queen Mother has served the greater Newark community by offering free yoga and meditation, spiritual and business mentoring to the city's underground artists, and pandemic food distribution to Newark artists, residents and the homeless. 

     As an arts educator who believes Black and Brown youth empowerment comes through cultural heritage instruction,

Queen Mother Imakhu has taught African/Latino drumming, dance, theater, music, visual and literary arts. She has specialized in teaching disabled, at-risk, and detention home Black and Latinx youth throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. Locally, she taught at after school programs for Ironbound Community Corporation of Newark, and Oakwood Avenue Community School in Orange, NJ. She has also taught gentle yoga to senior citizens for the City of Newark. 

     As a performing artist, Queen Mother Imakhu has toured the U.S. and Canada as an actress, storyteller, vocalist, poet, dancer, and musician. Her one-woman concerts have been presented in schools, universities, libraries, museums, churches, festivals, and special events. She has hosted poetry/spoken word venues throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and has been a featured poet at renown venues including Nuyorican Cafe, The Shrine, October Gallery. Queen Mother Imakhu has also collaborated with the legendary Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets, writing the poem, "Blood Rite." Her live series, "The Truth is Black & Brown," begins in podcast form in February 2021.

     As an event producer, Queen Mother is the original co-founder and executive director/producer of Newark Latino Film Festival, founder/director/producer of Newark Latino Fashion Show, and co-founder/producer of Cultures Across the City Music Festival.

     As a multimedia host/producer, Queen Mother Imakhu has served as host/producer to radio shows on FM, AM, and Internet stations. She was the first African American woman to found and run her own 24/7 online Black Consciousness radio station in 2005. Today, at age sixty, she will launch the very first Khametic TV channel,

"SHENU Harmonious Living Network, " in February 2021. Her newest book, "SHENU: The Khametic Water Path," is due for release in 2021. 

Queen Mother Imakhu was recently honored by the Newark Interfaith Alliance for her ongoing commitment to community service.


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